Countryside Pet Care Package for cats

Longhair or Shorthair: $75.00

Sphynx bath: $35.00

(package includes bath, blowdry, nail trim, ear and eye cleaning)

Comb Trim 1/4 - 1 inch: $80.00 (must be mat free)

Lion Trim: $80.00 

Lynx Trim: $80.00 

Belly Shave: $25.00

Sanitary Shave: $15.00

De-shedding Treatment: $15.00

Nail Caps: Front only $25.00 (with package*)

De-matting fee: $15.00 for 10 minutes maximum 





Countryside Pet Care Package for dogs

(Package includes bath, facial, blow-dry, trimming/clipping/ shaving, nails, ears and eye cleaning)

Nail Trim $15.00 (without grooming package) 

Small $50.00 (up to 20 lbs)

Medium $55.00 (20 - 40 lbs)

Medium $65.00 (doodle/puppy clip)

Large $65.00 (40 - 60 lbs) 

Large $85.00 (Doodle/puppy clip)

Giant $100.00 ( 60 lbs - 80lbs)

Giant plus $125.00 (80 lbs + )

Specialty Cuts $120.00 (Std Poodle)

De-matting fee $20.00 for 30 mins maximum

($25.00 charge will be added for large/giant breeds that will not walk up steps to the tub)


(prices may vary due to a difficult or matted pet)

At present time Countryside Pet Care does not offer anal gland expression.  This is a medical procedure and should be completed only by a licensed veterinarian.