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Facts and Questions

Cats groom themselves right?  

Cats do not groom themselves, they lick themselves. Most animals will lick their own hair that does not make them clean.  Do cats have a built in grease cutting shampoo in their saliva? Unfortunately, no. it does however contain a protein Fel D1, which is responsible for causing allergic reactions.  People who are allergic to cats are actually allergic to Fel D1. So after a cat has “groomed” itself, the saliva dries and produces airborne dander or Fel D1.


Cat’s saliva also does not contain brushes or combs.  Because a cat is a naturally greasy animal, when it sheds, unless the excess hair is removed, it can accumulate into a mat.  After matting has begun it can grow quite quickly as more shedded hair will stick to the mat and eventually the cat will have a matted coat that reaches down to the skin (pelted).  The only way to remove a pelt is to shave the pelt off.  A pelt can be very traumatic and painful for the cat.


Cats also are unable to clip its own nails.  Unless a cat is outdoors constantly climbing trees or working off the growth on its nails, it will require regular nail clipping. If not clipped on a regular basis, the nails can begin to curl under and grow into the paw pads.  This is very painful for the cat and requires Veterinarian intervention to prevent infection.





My dog/cat doesn't shed, so why would I take him to a groomer?

​This is a myth.  All dogs and cats shed, some a little, some a lot!  As well as ridding your pet of loose hair, grooming has many other benefits.  


  *Reduces shedding. Groomers have the proper tools to remove undercoat,               matting and loose hair.

  *Clean and moisturize skin and coat, reducing dandruff and dander.

  *Trim long claws 

  *Identify or prevent certain skin diseases.

  *Identify and in most cases, remove parasites such as ticks, fleas and tapeworm

 *Alert you of early signs of illness such as ear infections, tooth decay and skin           cancer. 

 * Keeps your pet cooler in the warm months.  This can be done with a de-                 shedding treatment, shaving, or a close clip.

​* And finally, your pet will smell and feel better.



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